3-Phase Double Rectifier Schematic

 Connect multiple 3 Phase AC output wind turbines with double rectifiers

If you have more than one 3 Phase AC wind turbine to connect to your battery bank, you will need a separate rectifier for each turbine.  Those rectifiers are first connected to your individual wind turbines and then the positive and negative terminals are connected to the battery bank.

If you have a single wind turbine that you are connecting to a 3 Phase Rectifier, please refer to our 3 Phase Wiring Diagram for single units.  See the diagram below for wiring a double rectifier system.

Double Rectifier Wiring Diagram

Use the self tapping screws to connect the ring terminals to the rectifier spades for a tight connection.  Use the 4 longer self tapping screws to fasten the rectifiers to the galvanized base plate.

We’ve taken the hassle out of finding all the parts you need, visit our website for a complete 3 Phase Double Rectifier Kit for wiring multiple wind turbines.

Please note that this diagram is for reference only. Please refer to the specific wiring instructions included with your rectifier and/or wind turbine.

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