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How To Wire a Dual 3 Phase AC Wind Turbine to a Battery Bank

Using Two 3 Phase Bridge Rectifiers

How to Wire a Dual Stator Three Phase Wind Turbine to a Battery Bank

Convert three phase power to DC output
  • AC output wind turbines require a three phase bridge rectifier

  • We recommend using spade terminals and dielectric grease for best quality connections


Connect multiple 3 Phase AC output wind turbines with double rectifiers

If you have more than one 3 Phase AC wind turbine or a wind turbine with dual stators to connect to your battery bank, you will need a separate rectifier for each turbine/stator.  Those rectifiers are first connected to your individual wind turbines and then the positive and negative terminals are connected to the battery bank. 

If you have a single wind turbine that you are connecting to a 3 Phase Rectifier, please refer to our 3 Phase Wiring Diagram for single units.  See the diagram on this page for wiring a double rectifier system. 

We’ve taken the hassle out of finding all the parts you need, visit our website for a complete 3 Phase Double Rectifier Kit for wiring multiple wind turbines. 

Please note that this diagram is for reference only. Please refer to the specific wiring instructions included with your rectifier and/or wind turbine.

Wiring a Dual Wind Turbine to Batteries

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