3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode
3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode

3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode

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3 Amp 200 Volt Blocking Diode

One-way diode prevents current from leaking from your battery back into the solar panel where it is dissipated as heat, depleting your battery.

Use with wire strip.

What size diode do I need?

Your diode needs to be somewhat larger than the current that is will be handling. For solar panels, we sell the 3 amp and 10 amp diodes for this purpose. If your solar panel will not exceed 2 1/2 of amps of current, then the 3 amp version is fine. The 10 amp diode is acceptable for panels up to about 9 1/2 amps. Solar panels with more charge current then this would require a larger diode (see our 75 amp diode). This larger diode can be placed in-line with the common positive wire coming from your solar panels to your charge controller to handle multiple panels at one time. Please note: A larger diode may require a heatsink if it will be used for higher power applications (above 15 amps or so).

Looking for more information on blocking diodes? Click here to view our FAQ and installation diagram.

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