Hybrid 24 Volt Freedom Wind Turbine and Charge Controller Board Combo Kit
Hybrid 24 Volt Freedom Wind Turbine and Charge Controller Board Combo Kit

2000 Watt Hybrid Wind and Solar Kit

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Missouri Wind and Solar takes the guesswork out of which components to purchase for your wind turbine setup! This kit comes complete with almost everything to get you started making your own FREE electricity for home, business, or remote use (system wiring, battery, and tower are NOT included).

Hybrid Wind and Solar Kit Includes:

  • Missouri Freedom II 2000 Watt 11 Blade Wind Turbine
    • Freedom II PMG for efficient three phase power generation.
      • 3 phase bridge rectifier for converting to DC output.
    • Heavy duty hub spacer/stabilizer.
    • Hot dipped galvanized PMG mounting bracket and heavy duty Stars & Stripes wind turbine tail
      • Mounting Bracket fits on 1.5" schedule #40 or #80 pipe.
    • Comes with 11 Raptor Generation 4 carbon fiber composite blades.
      • Aerodynamically tapered blades for maximum output.
      • Zinc plated hub
    • Assembled Diameter: 60.2 Inches
  • (2) 310 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels
    • 1 Pair MC4 Branch Connectors
    • (1) Pair 30 Foot 10 AWG Solar Panel Cable with MC4 Connectors
    • (1) 7 Foot Solar Panel Rack

Charge Controller Options:

  • All In One Charge Controller Board with Power Inverter
    • (1) 1200 Watt Divert Load
    • (1) 440 Amp 10,000 Watt SKY440 Charge Controller
    • (1) 60 Amp Disconnect box
    • (1) Fuse and Fuse Holder
    • (1) DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter: 24 Volt 2500 Watt model

  • Dual Freedom II Hybrid All in One Charge Controller
    • (1) 1200 Watt Divert Load
    • (1) Dual 3-phase brake switch (perfect for the Freedom II Wind Turbine)
    • (2) 90 amp rectifiers for 3-phase output wind turbine connection
    • (1) Charge controller with LED volt meter
    • (1) Mechanical relay with arc suppressor
    • 5 foot long heavy duty battery cables

Example Wiring Diagram

Hybrid Wind Turbine and Solar Panel All in One Wiring Diagram

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