1600 Watt Freedom Wind Turbine Kit
1600 Watt Freedom Wind Turbine Kit

1600 Watt Freedom Wind Turbine Kit

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Freedom 1600 Watt Wind Turbine Kit for Off Grid Applications

Includes all the basic components in one simple kit to get started in producing and storing wind energy. With our hybrid charge controller, solar can also be added very easily to this system. Add batteries and a power inverter and you're able to make and store free, clean energy. Be self-reliant with our simple wind turbine kit.

1600 Watt Freedom Off Grid Kit Includes:

  • Missouri Freedom 1600 Watt Wind Turbine

    • Available in 12 volts, 24 volts, or 48 volts or our 12 volt sealed unit - perfect for marine and desert environments.

    • 1600 Watt Freedom PMG™ for efficient three phase power generation

    • Zinc plated 14 magnet rotor and skewed stator core

    • Hot Dipped Galvanized & Zinc Plated to resist rust

    • Carbon Fiber Raptor Generation 4, Raptor Generation 5, or Aluminum Missouri Falcon wind turbine blades

  • Digital All In One Charge Controller with LED Meter for 3 Phase and DC Systems

    • 600 Watt Divert Load

    • 3-Phase Brake Switch

    • Relay and charge controller with LED volt meter

    • Heavy duty battery cables

    • and rectifier for 3-phase output wind turbine connection

  • 100 Feet SJOO Wind Turbine Cable - if more is required for your project, you can add additional footage in the shopping cart.

  • 100 Amp Fuse and Fuse Block

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