Battle Born LiFePO4 12 Volt 100Ah Battery
Battle Born LiFePO4 12 Volt 100Ah Battery

Battle Born LiFePO4 12 Volt 100Ah Battery

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100Ah 12V GC2 LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

This battery is a drop in replacement for a GC2 lead acid battery. Making it easy to upgrade the battery bank in your RV or boat. If you are using 6-volt GC2 lead acid batteries, this is the first ever 12 volt lithium ion deep cycle battery built in the same foot print. Weighing in at a sleek 30 lbs, the 100 amp hour, 12 volt Battle Born Battery runs circles around the competition. The Battle Born Battery also requires no new hardware to run in your boat, RV, trailer, or golf cart. Just pull out that grungy old lead acid battery (use two hands, those suckers are heavy), drop in this elegant upgrade, and get yourself out there.

All Battle Born Batteries are assembled in Reno, Nevada, USA.


  • 100 Amp Hour, 12 Volt Battery
  • LiFePO4 Chemistry
  • 3000- 5000 Cycles*
  • Compatible with your current charger, smart charger or inverter charger
  • Drop in Replacement for 6 volt GC2 Lead Acid Batteries
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in Reno, Nevada, USA
  • 10.32 x 7.36 x 11 inches (L x W x H)
  • 31 lbs
  • Bolt set included:
    • 5/16 x 1 inch
    • 5/16 x 1-1/4 inch

*Approximately 75-80% of the battery capacity will remain after 3000 cycles in applications recharging at 0.5C or lower (life spans well over 5000 cycles in lab testing)

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