100 Watt Solar Panel Kit with PWM Charge Controller
100 Watt Solar Panel Kit with PWM Charge Controller

100 Watt Solar Panel Kit with PWM Charge Controller

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This is a simple starter solar panel kit for car battery charging, boats, RV or caravan battery charging, HAM radio, tiny homes, shed and outbuildings, street lights battery charging, etc. Great for beginners or for new customers wanting to get started with solar!

This mono solar panel kit includes a pair of solar panel MC4 connectors to wire up to the included PWM charge controller. The charge controller is an absolute necessity for any battery or battery bank to keep from overcharging. The charge controller automatically stops the charging from the solar panel when the battery becomes full and allows the solar panel to recharge the battery when the voltage drops.

The PWM charge controller has two battery input terminals, two solar panel input terminals, and two load terminals. The load terminals are for running various DC loads like lights or our solar grid-tie inverters. It has full self-protection, protection of overload, short circuit, reverse connection, overcharging and over discharging, etc.

The aluminum solar panel z clips allow easy mounting to any surface.

It's also expandable! Great news, if you add on to this Solar Panel Starter Kit, the charge controller will automatically detect a 24-volt system!

All you need is full to partial sunlight to keep your stationary or mobile equipment running!

This Package Includes:

100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel Specifications

Maximum Power (Pmax)
100 Watts
Maximum System Voltage
600V DC
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Short-Circuit Current (Isc)
5.98 Amps
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)
18.34 Volts
Optimum Operating Current (Imp)
5.45 Amps
43.5 x 25.75 x 1.34 inches / 1105 x 654 x 34 mm
17 pounds 10 ounces / 8 kg
25 Year Manufacturer
Safety & CertificationApplication Class: A
Fire Rating: Class C
CE Certification
Produced in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified production facility.

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