Wind Turbine Assembly

Missouri Wind Turbine Assembly

Note that these are general installation guidelines and may not apply to all wind turbine models that we carry

Thank you for ordering from Missouri Wind and Solar – a company that provides heavy duty, quality parts that are made to last.  Some of your wind turbine parts have gone through a hot dipped galvanization process to provide a long-lasting finish that will resist rust under ordinary conditions.

The metal parts go through a hot dipped galvanizing process which means they are dipped into the galvanizing material versus galvanization using electromagnetic plating. The finish of the electromagnetic plating process is different and may be what you are used to seeing with nuts/bolts, etc. but it is much thinner and not suitable for outdoor use.

If your wind turbine tail or arms have texture or a white haze to them, it will not affect the performance of the galvanization and is simply part of the process.

List of Instructions and Diagrams for Assembling Your Wind Turbine

Please read all instruction sheets for each component thoroughly before beginning. Freedom 1600 watt and Freedom 2000 watt wind turbines include one locking collar only.

Warning: Never install a wind turbine on a windy day.  Make sure the turbine blades are not turning when you make the connections to the batteries as this will cause arcing and possible electrocution.

Instruction video for the Stars & Stripes wind turbines with the Freedom and Freedom II PMG™:

Freedom wind turbines now include only one locking collar to prevent crimping on the tower pole.

Instruction video for MW Laser Cut Tail and PMA style turbines:

 Missouri Wind and Solar Wind Turbine Assembly

Begin by assembling the entire wind turbine before applying paint or other special coating.  The wind turbine tower is used as a ground and all connections from the PMA to the mounting bracket must be free of paint.  The mounting bracket grounds itself to the tower and must have direct contact to the tower pipe.

When the turbine is completely assembled, mount it on the tower and attach the optional hose clamp (refer to Figure 1).  Apply grease at the top of the mounting bracket.  Attach #6 welding cable from the PMA to the batteries (red positive wire), again refer to Figure 1.  Next, attach the black positive wire to the tower base and to the battery bank.

Make sure the positive wire from the turbine is hooked to battery positive and negative (black wire) from tower base to battery negative or the PMA will burn out.  Never short out the turbine wires during high wind or the PMA will burn out.

Install fuses or a DC breaker between the wind turbine and battery bank.

Please pivot the mounting bracket all the way around in both directions on the tower pipe after painting.  It should spin freely and should not be hard to spin or hang up.  If the mount is unable to spin freely, the turbine will not pivot/track in the wind and the power production will be lacking.  Clean excess paint from the contact points and/or grind your tower pipe as needed.

Note for systems using battery banks: A charge controller must be installed with the battery bank or the batteries will overcharge and be destroyed.  You will also need to install a disconnect inline between the turbine and battery.

It is best not to let a wind turbine freewheel (spin rapidly under no load) when the batteries are full.  We highly recommend connecting a divert or dump load on your charge controller to keep your turbine under a load at all times.  Be advised that choosing not to use a dump load will damage the PMA.

Wind turbine installations should be done by an experienced installer.  Missouri Wind and Solar assumes no liability from damage caused by mis-installations.