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Stars & Stripes Wind Turbine Tail Kit with Optional Mounting Bracket


The exclusive Missouri Wind and Solar Stars & Stripes tail kit features the signature laser cut stars and stripes in both tail arms and tail, letting your friends and neighbors know you use only the best!

Made with all steel construction, this is the same tail we now use on our wind turbines at our store in Seymour, MO. We've added even more strength and stability by using the new arms which bolt to the top and bottom of our mounting bracket (optional) using eight 1/4 x 1 inch bolts and nylock nuts.

Yes, it has style but it performs even better than expected. Tracking the wind with the proper equipment is essential for any wind turbine's power output. Years of observation, testing, and research go into all of our designs.

Extra wide tail fin for the best wind tracking.

Kit Includes:

  • One hot dipped galvanized tail fin
  • Tail fin cut from 16 gauge steel
  • Two tail arms
  • All components are hot dipped galvanized and do not require painting.  

Freedom PMG Tail Kit
Freedom II PMG Tail Kit

Compatible With

Delco style PMAs, Freedom 1600 watt PMGs Freedom II 2000 watt PMGs
Length 33 1/4 Inches  (844.55 mm)  39 1/2 Inches  (1003.3 mm)

Assembled Length
(Including PMG)

40 1/2 Inches (1028.7 mm) 51 Inches (1295.4 mm)
Tail Height 29 Inches (711.2 mm) 35 Inches (889 mm)

Optional Mounting Bracket:

  • Fixed bracket for PMGs with 6 5/8 inches to 7 3/16 inch bolt centers
  • Two long mounting bolts and spacers
  • Mounting hardware
  • Special locknuts that can never vibrate loose
  • Wire lock, hanger and mounting hardware (not shown)
    • Pipe hanger fits 1 1/2 inch steel water pipe and allows for easy turning (A simple way to mount almost any alternator on a 1 1/2 inch water pipe used as a wind turbine mast)

Mounting Bracket Specifications:

Freedom PMG Mounting Bracket (freewind_brk) Freedom II PMG Mounting Bracket  (freewind_ii_brk)
Mounting Bracket Height: 8 3/4 Inches (22.2 mm) 8 3/4 Inches (22.2 mm)
Mounting Bolt Length: Four 4 inch (101.6 mm) long mounting bolts Four 8 inch (203.2 mm) long mounting bolts
Fits Tower Pole Size: 1 1/2 Inches (1 7/8 Inches OD) 1 1/2 Inches (1 7/8 Inches OD)
Special Coating: Hot dipped galvanized Hot dipped galvanized
Mounting Bracket Material: Steel Steel

Watch the video below as Jeff explains how to assemble the Missouri Stars and Stripes wind turbine tail (components in the video may vary from the item listed).

*Wind turbine Freedom and Freedom II PMG, wind turbine blades, locking collars, etc. all sold separately

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Stars & Stripes Wind Turbine Tail Kit w/ Optional Mounting Bracket

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