Raptor Wind Turbine Blade Warranty

Raptor Generation 4 Wind Turbine Blade Warranty

Limited terms for all Raptor Generation 4 & Raptor Generation 5 wind turbine blade warranty:

Guaranteed for a lifetime, not to break under normal use. Cracked or broken blades will be replaced FOR FREE! We only warranty blades if they break under normal use. Our blades can last 75 years in the sun (Lifetime).

Warranty does not apply due to a tower fall, over tightening of bolts, or striking flying debris from tornado or hurricanes, or falling trees. Warranty only applies when Raptor Generation 4 blades are used with wind turbine blade hubs sold by Missouri Wind and Solar.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs only. All broken blades must be returned to Missouri Wind and Solar for replacement with copy of purchase at expense of the owner.