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Missouri Basic 5 Blade Wind Turbine


500 watt, 12 volt DC output


 for 12 volt battery charging


Blades begin to spin at only 8 MPH and begin making power immediately!

Our turbines do not "furl" (turn out of the wind) in high winds. Our turbine stays cool with the open face design with blades that are rated to take over 120 mph winds. They just keep on making more power. Furling wind turbines need a very expensive thick and rigid tower that must remain perfectly level for the furling system to work. If something goes wrong with the furling mechanism, the turbine can overspeed, burn up, and, in worst cases, lose its blades! Another system that is prone to failure is mechanical or electrical brakes. Electrical braking shorts out the windings in the turbine motor which causes a near dead halt of the blades and an extreme heat build up in the wind turbine motor. Electrical braking has been known to shear off even new blades of any size.

From experience we found that it is much better to divert the excess power with a diversion charge controller. A proper diversion diversion charge controller such as ours essentially "burns" off excess power from the batteries as it is being made which causes no extra stress on a wind turbine's blades, or motor. The extra energy can be sent to any of our diversion loads such as resistor/heaters, DC water heating elements, DC room heaters, or small inexpensive grid feed inverters. See our inverters category for more information on grid feeding with wind. We do carry these items under their respective categories.

Turbine Features:

  • Raptor Generation 4 blades for maximum output
    • Turbine is 60" diameter when assembled with included hub
  • Hub is 6 1/2" diameter, 3/16" thick zinc plated steel, no cheap aluminum or plastic!
  • Fits on inexpensive 1.5" schedule #40 or #80 pipe.
  • Includes mounts and locks.
  • Victory permanent magnet alternator DC output.
    • 125,000 hours+ of rated bearing life (new bearings cost only $3.00)
  • Tail fin is 16 gauge steel
    • 13" tall x 9" wide
  • Single tail arm
  • Weighs 29 lbs
  • Ships in one 30" x 10" x 8" box
This wind turbine comes unpainted.

Permanent Magnet Alternator Specifications:

  • The most powerful permanent magnet alternator for its size on the market!
  • Basic model outptut can exceed 600 watts plus
  • Standard 17mm shaft
  • 100% solid core zinc plated rotor design with air flow holes for cooler operation low wind start-up
  • Smoother operation with flywheel power boost
  • Housing bolts treated with anti-seize to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion
  • Blades are not overloaded at low RPM, turns faster for more amps
  • Above 500 watts if you have zone 2 winds or above; power rated when using Raptor Generation 4 blades.
Click here to view the tail kit assembly instructions

*Optional Marine Finish:

Saltwater environments will cause the internal components to rust over time.  Our marine varnish service includes disassembling the motor and coating the interior components. As our sold-separately PMA Coating can only ship by ground service and is restricted in some countries, Missouri Wind and Solar is offering an add-on service to coat the internal components before shipping.  Prolong the life of your Freedom PMA by protecting it from the effects of saltwater environments.  Please allow additional handling time when choosing this service.

Missouri Wind and Solar Basic Setup Diagram

Wind Turbine Specifics
Available Voltage 12 Volts
Available Wattage 500 Watts
Blade Series Raptor Generation 4
Blade Material Carbon Fiber
Blade Quantity 5 Blades
Assembled Diameter 60 Inches

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Missouri Basic 500 Watt 5 Blade DC Output Wind Turbine

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