Guy Wire Ring for 1.5 Inch and 2 Inch Diameter Wind Turbine Tower Pipe

Our locking collar provides your wind turbine tower guy wire rings something to rest on with no welding required.

Guy Wire Ring Features:

1.5 Inch Guy Wire Ring (gy34ring)
2 Inch Guy Wire Ring (gy34ring_2)
Inside Diameter:1 15/16 Inches (49 mm)2 7/16 Inches (61.9 mm)
Outside Diameter:4 3/4 Inches (120.65 mm)
Guy Wire Hole Diameter:3/8 Inches (9.5 mm)3/8 Inches (9.5 mm)
Fits Pole Size:1 7/8 Inches OD (47.6 mm)2 3/8 Inches OD(60.3 mm)

Additional Images:

Recommended Use (locking collar not included):

Guy Wire Ring and Locking Collar Combination