Our wind turbine locking collars provide a stable base for the mounting bracket to rest.  The addition of the nylon washer provides a smooth surface for better tracking.  We suggest pairing the wind turbine locking collar with our yaw bearing for even better performance.

Locking Collar Features:

Locking Collar Specifications:

1 1/2 Inch Locking Collar2 Inch Locking Collar
Inside Diameter:1 15/16 Inches (49 mm)2 7/16 Inches (61.9 mm)
Outside Diameter:3 Inches (76.2 mm)3 1/2 Inches (88.9 mm)
Width:7/8 Inches (22.2 mm)1 Inches (25.4 mm)
Number of Set Screws:2 Set Screws1 Set Screw
Additional Options:

Optional nylon washer:

Acts like a stationary bearing which improves wind turbine tracking ability