DC Water Overheat and Freeze Thermostats

Use these thermostats with our DC water heating elements if you need to regulate the temperature of the liquid you are heating.

The first option is our 35 degree F freeze thermostat which keeps water and other liquids from freezing. It turns on your element before the liquid freezes at 35 degrees F (closes the circuit) and turns it off (opens the circuit) when the liquid's temperature reaches 55 degrees F. Therefore, your liquid will never freeze but you won't drain your power by heating it over 55 degrees.

Thermostat Features:

Thermostat Specifications:

Heat ratings are averages (+ or - 3%)

Non. Pos. / Neg. polarity

Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions:

Question: How many watts are required to heat one gallon of water up one degree?

Answer: 2.4705 watts for one hour.

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