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Falcon 62 Inch Diameter 5 Blade and Hub Set


Laser cut, high tensile strength aircraft aluminum blades

Our 62 Inch Diameter Falcon Mach 5 blade set is our midsize blade and hub option in the Falcon wind turbine series.  An additional 12 inches larger than our  previous standard Falcon Blade set and just as durable.

  • Smooth, fast, and well balanced. Advanced design for GM Delco alternators. 
  • All parts are laser cut to exact tolerances for high quality operation and appearance. 
  • All aluminum and 1018 steel construction will withstand severe weather conditions!
    • Tested to 95 MPH winds. 
  • The gull wing design has eliminated noise and cascade failure that all other aluminum blades suffer from.
    • The more wind, the higher the RPM keeps increasing non-stop. 
  • These large blades are designed for high torque.
    • 62" diameter for extreme high speed and torque that all high power PMGs and PMAs require to put out any usable power. 
  • Extremely large pitches on aluminum blades act like an anchor, and don't allow the blades to cut through the wind.
    • Falcon Mach 5 blades have very little pitch! Will fit all PMAs with 17mm shaft.
  • To read more about the Falcon wind turbine blades, click here.

Falcon™ Mach 5 Blade & Hub Specifications: 

5 Blade Hub:


  • .125" thick aircraft aluminum with added manganese for strength
  • Each blade measures 29.5 inches (59.69 cm) length
  • Each blade is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm) wide
  • Assembled diameter: 62 inches
  • Made in the USA

The Falcon wind turbine blades are compatible with these wind turbines:

  • Hornet
  • Windblu
  • Mallard
  • Eagle
  • Windscorpion
  • Eagle
  • Missouri Wind
  • Presto
  • Air-X
  • Sunforce 44444
  • and others

Upgrade your SUNFORCE 44444/AIR-X/AIR 403/AIR BREEZE

Wind Turbine Blade Set Includes:

  • Set of 5 Falcon wind turbine blades
  • Zinc plated steel hub
  • 15 sets stainless steel nuts and bolts
Wind Turbine Specifics
Blade Series Falcon
Blade Length 29.5 Inches / 59.69 Centimeters
Blade Width (at base) 7.5 Inches / 19.05 Centimeters
Blade Material Aircraft Aluminum
Blade Quantity 5 Blades
Assembled Diameter 62 Inches / 1.57 Meters

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Falcon 62 Inch Diameter 5 Blade and Hub Set

  • $187.99

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