Busbar Combiner Box


The safest and easiest way to connect your wind turbine generator or solar panels in one box.

Weathertight box for indoors or out.

Contains two 4 inch busbars with lugs on each. Each buss bar holds up to #4 awg (21.2 mm²) wire. For larger wire sizes split the end of the wire up between several holes and tighten. Lugs hold up to #2 awg (32 mm²) wire.

Two 1" grey PVC conduit fittings installed 

  • Compatible with Sch. 40 and Sch. 80 rigid non-metallic conduit (RNC)
  • For use in above ground and underground applications as well as exposed outdoor usage
  • Durable PVC construction means no rusting or corroding
  • Weighing less than metallic systems means more efficient and quicker installation time
  • UL listed

Overall box dimensions:

  • 6" high x 6" wide x 4" deep
Buss Bar Combiner Box Diagram

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Buss Bar Combiner Box

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  • $46.98

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