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70 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller


(Assembled in the USA using Global Parts)


Digital Programmable Charge Controller Solid State Relay Driver Module with One PWM & Duty Cycle Program 

Built-in digital display and intelligent dual processor controller with pulse width modulation

This PWM charge controller, designed and assembled in the United States, is fully pre-wired and ready to install! The controller features 5 foot long battery sense leads and heavy duty battery cables with professionally finished terminal ends. Large copper lugs make connection from the solar array quick and easy!

As well as being a great charge controller unit, this controller is a hobbyist's dream for many sorts of experiments and applications such as home automation and robotics. The solid state relay features a huge heat sink to keep it cool.

Charge Controller Features:

  • Dual (2) Microprocessor controlled - Very stable and very accurate
  • Multiple user changeable settings and trip points for many various system requirements and applications (4 programs to choose from)
    • You can change the dump point voltage level, end of dump voltage level, length of time in divert mode when end dump point voltage is reached (between 0 to 999 seconds, or 0 to 999 minutes), duty cycle, frequency (PWM)
    • The controller will also monitor the diversion/disconnect activity and increase its duration several times when your batteries are full. This feature is also adjustable. 
  • Isolated Electronics Protection - Almost impossible to accidentally connect wind or solar directly to the circuit board.
  • Battery Status LED - Lets you know your battery's actual voltage!
    • Green LED on board lets you know when the relay is energized
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Ultra low power consumption even with the voltmeter on (almost negligible). You can even set the voltmeter to turn off after inactivity.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PMW)

Benefits of Solid State Relay:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower operating voltages
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer electrical life expectancy
  • Higher input-to-output isolation
  • No contact bounce or arcing
  • Lower shock and vibration sensitivity
  • No magnetic field or electrical noise generation

Solid state relays (SSR) have no physical internal contacts to wear out and zero operating noise.

Extremely low activation power usage. The power contacts (upper 2 terminals) are NO (normally open, not connected until 3-32 volt dc power is sent to the control terminals).

Solid State Relay Specifications:

  • Input 3-32 VDC 0.001 to 0.04 amp max draw
  • Output 8-33 volt dc with normally open NO contacts. red indicator illuminated when contacts are closed
  • Output breakdown voltage appx. 80 VDC

Product Instruction Manuals: 

Charge Controller Specifics
Application Solar Panels
Display LED Voltmeter
Feature Solid State

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70 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller

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