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300 Watt Divert Load Resistor

This divert load resistor is for use to divert the excess power being generated when your wind turbine generator batteries are full and can be ran at 100% duty cycle due to the quality rib wound design. It can also be used with a solar array in diversion mode.

The unit can be used alone to provide free heat as well by hooking your turbine or solar panels directly to it. For an alternative dump load see our DC water heating elements.

The mounting "L" feet are reversible by simply loosening two mounting nuts and reversing them allowing for a wider variety of mounting options.


  • Resistor: 9 inches
  • Bracket and resistor: 10 1/2 inches

12 Volt Specifications
24 Volt Specifications
48 Volt Specifications
Voltage12 Volts24 Volts48 Volts
Resistance0.73 Ohms2.9 Ohms10.4 Ohms
Wattage300 Watts300 Watts
300 Watts

You need to divert the excess power being generated to a load so your wind turbine generators will NOT go into high speed freewheeling in heavy winds.

Note: These resistors get very hot and will put off FREE heat

Resistor Diagram

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300 Watt Divert Load Resistor

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